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Agricultural Research Institute

Located on the Adirondack Coast in Northern NY, The William H. Miner Agricultural Research Institute is the present-day manifestation of the philosophy and principles once embodied by William Miner on Heart's Delight Farm. Since its creation in 1951, the principal function has been, and continues to be, the economic improvement of agricultural operations through research, education, and demonstration. Miner Institute conducts research programs that apply basic science to contemporary problems confronting the dairy and equine industries. Our areas of focus include the crop-animal- environment interface, cow comfort and behavior, and equine reproductive management.

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"No other occupation is so vitally important to the human race,
nor requires such a wide range of practical and technical knowledge, as farming."

- William H. Miner, 1915

Miner Institute delivers outstanding educational programs designed to train students to return to the dairy and equine industries in decision-making roles. Our continuing education programs disseminate practical animal-crop system information to producers and allied industry to enhance the future sustainability of dairy and equine production systems.

Utilizing both the onsite Holstein dairy farm and our Morgan horse herd, Miner Institute demonstrates the latest innovations in crop and dairy/equine production so that regional producers and allied industry may understand the on-farm application of new technologies.

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The William H. Miner Agricultural Research Institute
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